About TheGlobalEconomy.com

TheGlobalEconomy.com serves researchers, business people, academics, and investors who need reliable economic data on foreign countries. Our data set includes over 450 indicators for over 200 countries spanning the period from 1960 to now.

Data set

We provide up-to-date numbers for GDP, inflation, credit, interest rates, employment, and many other indicators across countries. We use our own calendar of data releases to ensure a quick update right after the national authorities publish the new numbers. The data are gathered "by hand" without automation and with multiple quality checks. Each observation is reviewed by at least two members of our team. On a rolling basis, we also perform routine checks of the entire data set.

In addition to the data from central banks and other national authorities, our data set also includes multiple series from these sources: The World Bank, The United Nations, U.S. Energy Information Administration, International Monetary Fund, UNESCO, Transparency International, World Federation of Exchanges, United Nations Development Program, The World Economic Forum, OECD, Bank for International Settlements, Eurostat, The Natural Environment Research Council UK, FAOSTAT, International Telecommunication Union, KPMG, Freedom House, The Heritage Foundation, The Global Innovation Index Reports, A.T. Kearney, Cline Center for Democracy, KOF Swiss Economic Institute, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Kimberley Process, International Organisation of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, Delcredere Ducroire, and the Credendo Group.

Data download service

For a small fee, users can access the entire data base and download data with no limitations. They can also link their Excel files or Google sheets to our data servers for automatic data updates.

The objective of the service is to save time and effort on data management. We keep the cost down and the service very affordable so it can be used by anyone anywhere. Economic sense dictates that instead of all of us putting together data sets over and over again, someone would specialize in that and do it for all of us. We have taken on that task and we are proud to have a very large user base from virtually every country.

Other website features

Besides data downloads, the website also offers interactive data tools to compare countries and track indicators over time. All of the charts can be downloaded without registration. In addition, the global economy guide explains key concepts about economic growth and development, exchange rates, international trade and investment, financial systems, and other topics. The site also has a glossary of economic terms and a directory of resources.

Our team

Our team includes several analysts with graduate degrees in economics or finance and is headed by Neven Valev (Google Scholar, LinkedIn, personal site), a Ph.D. economist with over 15 years experience as professor of economics. Neven has published over 30 academic papers on international economics as well as numerous practitioner reports and media articles. Our team works as a research institute with the highest possible level of rigor adopted from academic research.

We also run Global Petrol Prices, the global leader in providing retail energy price data. We have been online since 2012.

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