Help with your data analysis and research project

You have to write a research paper, country report, investor note, presentation, or anther analytical document. We can help you produce a solid product by providing guidance, suggestions, and feedback along the way. This can include the early stages of planning, the data analysis and/or the polishing of the document.

Why seek this assistance

It is very difficult to produce good research in isolation even for experienced researchers. Others look at your work and always have alternative angles and ideas. They spot mistakes, inconsistencies, and opportunities. They give suggestions how to improve, alter or extend the work. In the end, you have a richer, more polished piece that makes a good impression.

At the same time, it is often difficult to solicit good feedback. Your professors, peers, colleagues or boss may be too busy or not knowledgeable on those issues. We can then step in to work with you.

Why trust our judgment

Besides Neven, who is featured on the right, our team includes two more professors listed on the about page. We are not anonymous and anyone can check our credentials and contact us. We personally oversee our team that includes only people with graduate degrees who know data and research.

Who writes the documents

For business clients, we compile country reports, briefs, industry reports, presentations, and other documents. However, we do not write papers for students. Instead we serve as advisors to help them produce a solid research piece helping the student learn research skills along the way.

What is the cost

The cost depends on your needs and can be per time spent or per task. Please write to us for details.

Research director
Neven Valev has a Ph.D. in Economics and over 15 years teaching experience as tenured professor at the bachelors, Masters, and doctoral levels. He has published numerous articles (google scholar), guided many student dissertations, served as referee, and written for the media. Neven believes in solid data-driven research which is the reason he started
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