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Social globalization - Country rankings:

The average for 2016 was 63.11 points.The highest value was in Luxembourg: 92.11 points and the lowest value was in North Korea: 17.69 points. Below is a chart for all countries where data are available.
Social globalization index (0-100), 2016
(points, Source: The Swiss Institute of Technology in Zurich, TheGlobalEconomy.com)

Definition: Social globalization has three dimensions: personal contacts, information flows, and cultural proximity. The sub-index on personal contacts includes international telecom traffic, degree of tourism, transfers, foreign population, and number of international letters. The sub-index on information flows includes number of internet users, share of households with a television set, and trade in newspapers. The sub-index on cultural proximity includes trade in books and number of McDonald’s restaurants and Ikea located in a country.
Social globalization in the European union
Social globalization in Europe
Social globalization in Asia
Social globalization in Africa
Social globalization in North America
Social globalization in South America
Social globalization in Australia
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