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Fragile state index - Country rankings:

The average for 2018 was 68.26 index points.The highest value was in Somalia: 113.2 index points and the lowest value was in Finland: 17.9 index points. Below is a chart for all countries where data are available.
Fragile state index, 0 (low) - 120 (high), 2018
(index points, Source: Fund for Peace, TheGlobalEconomy.com)

Definition: The Fragile States Index measures the vulnerability in pre-conflict, active conflict and post-conflict situations. The index comprises twelve conflict risk indicators that are used to measure the condition of a state at any given moment: security apparatus, factionalized elites, group grievance, economic decline, uneven economic development, human flight and brain drain, state legitimacy, public services, human rights and rule of law, demographic pressures, refugees and IDPs, and external intervention. The higher the value of the index, the more "fragile" the country is.
Fragile state index in the European union
Fragile state index in Europe
Fragile state index in Asia
Fragile state index in Africa
Fragile state index in North America
Fragile state index in South America
Fragile state index in Australia
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