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Fertilizer use in Africa:

The average for 2016 was 56.9 kg per hectare of arable land.The highest value was in Egypt: 649.2 kg per hectare of arable land and the lowest value was in Niger: 0.4 kg per hectare of arable land. Below is a chart for all countries where data are available.
Fertilizer use, kg per hectare of arable land, 2016
(kg per hectare of arable land, Source: FAO, TheGlobalEconomy.com)

Definition: Fertilizer consumption measures the quantity of plant nutrients used per unit of arable land. Fertilizer products cover nitrogenous, potash, and phosphate fertilizers (including ground rock phosphate). Traditional nutrients--animal and plant manures--are not included. For the purpose of data dissemination, FAO has adopted the concept of a calendar year (January to December). Some countries compile fertilizer data on a calendar year basis, while others are on a split-year basis. Arable land includes land defined by the FAO as land under temporary crops (double-cropped areas are counted once), temporary meadows for mowing or for pasture, land under market or kitchen gardens, and land temporarily fallow. Land abandoned as a result of shifting cultivation is excluded.
Fertilizer use around the world
Fertilizer use in the European union
Fertilizer use in Europe
Fertilizer use in Asia
Fertilizer use in North America
Fertilizer use in South America
Fertilizer use in Australia
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