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Mobile phone subscribers - country data from around the world:

The average for 2016 was 38.74 million subscribers.The highest value was in China: 1364.93 million subscribers and the lowest value was in Tuvalu: 0.01 million subscribers. Below is a chart for all countries where data are available for: Mobile phone subscribers.

Definition: Mobile cellular telephone subscriptions are subscriptions to a public mobile telephone service that provide access to the PSTN using cellular technology. The indicator includes (and is split into) the number of postpaid subscriptions, and the number of active prepaid accounts (i.e. that have been used during the last three months). The indicator applies to all mobile cellular subscriptions that offer voice communications. It excludes subscriptions via data cards or USB modems, subscriptions to public mobile data services, private trunked mobile radio, telepoint, radio paging and telemetry services.