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Legal rights - Country rankings:

The average for 2018 was 5.58 points.The highest value was in Brunei: 12 points and the lowest value was in Bolivia: 0 points. Below is a chart for all countries where data are available.
Index of legal rights for creditors and borrowers (0 = weak to 12 = strong), 2018
(points, Source: The World Bank, TheGlobalEconomy.com)

Definition: Strength of legal rights index measures the degree to which collateral and bankruptcy laws protect the rights of borrowers and lenders and thus facilitate lending. The index ranges from 0 to 12, with higher scores indicating that these laws are better designed to expand access to credit.
Legal rights in the European union
Legal rights in Europe
Legal rights in Asia
Legal rights in Africa
Legal rights in North America
Legal rights in South America
Legal rights in Australia
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