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International Monetary Fund

The following questions are included in the quiz:

1. The IMF was created in:
  1.  1965
  2.  1939
  3.  1945
  4.  1949

2. What is the primary purpose of the IMF?
  1.  Providing financial and technical support to developing countries
  2.  Introducing international standarts of banking operations
  3.  Reducing poverty and inequality
  4.  Ensuring stability of the international monetary system

3. Where are the headquarters of the IMF?
  1.  New York City
  2.  Paris
  3.  Washington, DC
  4.  Brussels
  5.  Geneva
  6.  London

4. Which of the following is not among the main objectives of the IMF?
  1.  Providing financial support to members experiencing balance of payment difficulties
  2.  Promoting international monetary cooperation
  3.  Providing technical and financial assistance for particular sectors
  4.  Monitoring trends and developments in the global financial system

5. What is the main source of funding for the IMF?
  1.  Members’ quotas
  2.  Gold reserves
  3.  Borrowing

6. Who is the current Managing Director of the IMF?
  1.  Dominique Strauss-Kahn
  2.  Mario Draghi
  3.  Christine Lagarde
  4.  Janet Yellen

7. Traditionally, the IMF’s Managing Director has always been:
  1.  From the United States
  2.  From a developing country
  3.  A European
  4.  There is no geographical requirement

8. The Managing Director of the IMF:
  1.  Is appointed for a renewable term of seven years
  2.  Is the Chairperson of the IMF’s Executive Board
  3.  Is assisted by two Deputy Managing Directors
  4.  All of the above

9. What are the Special Drawing Rights?
  1.  Loans with zero interest rates provided by the IMF
  2.  An IMF’s instrument for rapid financial assistance
  3.  International reserve asset, created to supplement the member countries’ official reserves

10. The value of the Special Drawing Rights is based on a basket of four currencies:
  1.  Euro, US dollar, Swiss franc, Chinese yuan
  2.  US dollar, Chinese yuan, Japanese yen, Euro
  3.  Euro, Japanese yen, Pound sterling, US dollar
  4.  Australian dollar, US dollar, Euro, Japanese yen

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