Health outcomes in Belarus

In the table below, we see the health outcomes for Belarus in 2017 as well as the values for the country's continent and the world.
Indicators Belarus Europe World
Life expectancy, in years 74.13 78.74 71.86
Birth rate per 1000 people 10.8 10.53 20.78
Death rate per 1000 people 12.6 10.05 7.78
Fertility rate, births per woman 1.54 1.59 2.75
Prevalence of HIV, percent of the population ages 15-49 0.4 0.26 1.99
Cases of Tuberculosis per 100,000 people 37 20.11 111.24

Health spending in Belarus

In the second table we see the health spending in Belarus as well as the average values for the continent and the world. The health spending per capita in Belarus is 317.99 USD. The country spends 6.32 percent of its GDP on health. For comparison, the average spending across countries is 6.64 percent.
Indicators Belarus Europe World
Health spending per capita 317.99 2564.91 1034.37
Health spending as percent of GDP 6.32 8.1 6.64

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