Compare countries: useful tools

One of the most interesting exercises for anyone studying the global economy is to compare country indicators: what countries rank higher or lower along various dimensions. I know that students in all of my classes - from undergraduate through doctoral like that. So, here are a few free online tools to carry out such activities:

Our comparator tool and country rankings - we start with this ones as they are our own :) and we like their simplicity. Users can select over 50 social and economic indicators, time periods, and various countries and can produce line, bar, and geo charts. The charts can be downloaded and used in presentations and papers.

The Gapminder is one of the first sites that tried to communicate official data in a user-friendly format. It remains a popular online tool. A couple of nice features is that one can 1) plot two indicators against each other and 2) can observe the change in the indicators over time in a dynamic format.

The Global Edge platform from Michigan State University also has a comparator tool (in the knowledge tools section) where one can select indicators and countries. The entire platform is with an international business orientation and offers a lot of interesting information in addition to the comparative statistics.

Statsilk is probably the most elaborate of the country comparison tools with many options on the screen what variables and countries to display and how to display them. One can also download the charts.

Last but not least is the google public data platform which is a collection of publicly available data from various official sources. Each of the data sets can be visualized with a simple navigation tool and using the google charts functionality.
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