Gasoline prices by country

How much does gasoline cost in various countries? What is the average price of gas and diesel by region and worldwide? There is hardly any other price that attracts so much interest among the wide public. Almost everyone drives a car and has little choice to change their driving habits when gas prices change. In the terminology of economics, gasoline is a product with "inelastic demand", i.e. the price may change a lot but the quantity demanded does not change much.People still need to get from point A to point B. In fact, lectures on the global oil prices have always caught the attention of students too. Particularly interesting to U.S. students is the comparison of U.S gas prices with the prices in other countries.

Therefore, we decided to collect and present on a separate site gasoline and diesel prices across many countries. The data collection focuses on reliable sources only using data from government agencies, energy regulatory bodies, international oil companies, and major media outlets. The result is a data set of gas prices in over 80 countries that is updated on a monthly basis. The data series already runs for 10 months and can be used to track price dynamics over time.
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