Hong Kong: Foreign exchange reserves

(measure: billion currency units, source: Hong Kong Monetary Authority)
Foreign exchange reserves, billion currency units in Hong Kong, May, 2018: Data for that indicator for Hong Kong are available from January 1997 to May 2018. During that period, the average value for Hong Kong was 203.28 billion currency units with a high of 443.4 billion currency units in February 2018 and a low of 63.4 billion currency units in March 1997. The source of the data for this indicator for Hong Kong is: Hong Kong Monetary Authority. Click on the following link to see the values of Foreign exchange reserves, billion currency units around the world.
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Measure: billion currency units
Source: Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Definition: Foreign exchange reserves consist of foreign currency, deposits denominated in foreign currency, Monetary Gold, Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) and Reserve position in the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Foreign exchange reserves are held by monetary authorities to finance trade imbalances, check the impact of foreign exchange fluctuations and address other issues under the purview of the central bank.
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