Guinea-Bissau: Covid total tests

* indicates monthly or quarterly data series

Total Covid tests, end of month

 Latest value 142948
 Reference June 2022
 Measure total Covid tests
 Data availability March 2022 - June 2022
 Average 135865
 Min - Max 128552 - 142948
 Source Our World in Data
For that indicator, we provide data for Guinea-Bissau from March 2022 to June 2022. The average value for Guinea-Bissau during that period was 135865 total Covid tests with a minimum of 128552 total Covid tests in March 2022 and a maximum of 142948 total Covid tests in June 2022. Click on the following link to see the values of Total Covid tests, end of month around the world.
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* indicates monthly or quarterly data series

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Guinea-Bissau - Covid total tests - recent values
Measure: total Covid tests
Source: Our World in Data

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Definition: Total tests for Covid at the end of month.

 Related indicators Latest value Reference Measure
 Covid new cases 35 9/2022 new Covid cases
 Covid new cases per million 17 9/2022 new Covid cases per million people
 Covid total cases 8,831 9/2022 total Covid cases
 Covid total cases per million people 4,194 9/2022 cases per million
 Covid new tests 12,090 5/2022 new Covid tests
 Covid new tests per thousand 6 5/2022 new Covid tests per thousand people
 Covid total tests 142,948 6/2022 total Covid tests
 Covid total tests per thousand 69 6/2022 total tests per thousand people
 Covid new vaccinations 49,740 11/2021 new Covid vaccinations
 Covid total vaccinations 94,715 9/2021 total Covid vaccinations
 Total vaccinations per hundred people 4.50 9/2021 Covid vaccinations per hundred people
 People vaccinated against Covid 87,231 9/2021 total people vaccinated
 Covid vaccinated people per hundred people 4.14 9/2021 Covid vaccinated people per hundred people
 People fully vaccinated against Covid 7,484 9/2021 total fully-vaccinated people
 Covid fully vaccinated people per hundred people 0.36 9/2021 Covid fully vaccinated people per hundred people
 Covid new deaths 1 9/2022 new deaths from Covid
 Covid new deaths per million 0 9/2022 new Covid deaths per million people
 Covid total deaths 176 9/2022 total Covid deaths
 Covid total deaths per million 84 9/2022 total Covid deaths
 Covid reproduction rate 0.00 9/2022 rate
 Covid positive rate 0.02 6/2022 rate
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