Bhutan: Hotel and restaurant prices

* indicates monthly or quarterly data series

Hotel and restaurant price index, world average = 100

 Latest value 33.69
 Year 2017
 Measure index points
 Data availability 2017 - 2017
 Average 33.69
 Min - Max 33.69 - 33.69
 Source World Bank International Comparison Program
The hotel and restaurant price index measures the relative cost of these services in Bhutan compared to other countries. The world average is set at 100 and the index can be used to compare various countries. The data are from the World Bank International Comparison Program which updates these price data every seven years. See the global rankings for that indicator or use the country comparator to compare trends over time. The value of that indicator for 2017 is 33.69 index points.
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Bhutan - Hotel and restaurant prices - Recent values chart

Definition: The hotel and restaurant price index shows the relative prices of those services across countries. Greater values indicate higher prices.

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