Belize: Covid new tests

* indicates monthly or quarterly data series

New Covid tests per month

 Latest value 41881
 Reference July 2021
 Measure new Covid tests
 Data availability May 2021 - July 2021
 Average 29904
 Min - Max 19902 - 41881
 Source Our World in Data
For that indicator, we provide data for Belize from May 2021 to July 2021. The average value for Belize during that period was 29904 new Covid tests with a minimum of 19902 new Covid tests in May 2021 and a maximum of 41881 new Covid tests in July 2021. Click on the following link to see the values of New Covid tests per month around the world.
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* indicates monthly or quarterly data series

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Belize - Covid new tests - recent values
Measure: new Covid tests
Source: Our World in Data

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Definition: The number of new COVID tests made per month.

 Related indicators Latest value Reference Measure
 Covid new cases 524 9/2022 new Covid cases
 Covid new cases per million 1,293 9/2022 new Covid cases per million people
 Covid total cases 68,826 9/2022 total Covid cases
 Covid total cases per million people 169,821 9/2022 cases per million
 Covid new tests 41,881 7/2021 new Covid tests
 Covid new tests per thousand 105 7/2021 new Covid tests per thousand people
 Covid total tests 259,340 9/2021 total Covid tests
 Covid total tests per thousand 648 9/2021 total tests per thousand people
 Covid new vaccinations 130,080 9/2021 new Covid vaccinations
 Covid total vaccinations 500,424 9/2022 total Covid vaccinations
 Total vaccinations per hundred people 123.47 9/2022 Covid vaccinations per hundred people
 People vaccinated against Covid 251,025 9/2022 total people vaccinated
 Covid vaccinated people per hundred people 61.94 9/2022 Covid vaccinated people per hundred people
 People fully vaccinated against Covid 220,396 9/2022 total fully-vaccinated people
 Covid fully vaccinated people per hundred people 54.38 9/2022 Covid fully vaccinated people per hundred people
 Covid new deaths 3 9/2022 new deaths from Covid
 Covid new deaths per million 7 9/2022 new Covid deaths per million people
 Covid total deaths 683 9/2022 total Covid deaths
 Covid total deaths per million 1,685 9/2022 total Covid deaths
 Covid reproduction rate 0.89 9/2022 rate
 Stringency Index 11 9/2022 index
 Covid positive rate 0.10 9/2021 rate
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