Belize: USD exchange rate

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USD Exchange rate

 Latest value 2.0135
 Reference January 2024
 Measure Belize Dollars per USD
 Data availability September 2004 - January 2024
 Average 1.9868
 Min - Max 1.8886 - 2.0198
 Source Google Finance
The currency chart for Belize shows historical data for the Belize Dollars per USD exchange rate. These are monthly averages and not end-of-month currency values. An increase means depreciation against the USD as one can exchange more Belize Dollars per USD. Depreciation implies that goods from Belize become cheaper to export and it becomes cheaper for foreigners to visit Belize.

The series for Belize are available from September 2004 to January 2024. For that period, the average exchange rate for Belize was 1.9868 Belize Dollars per USD with a minimum of 1.8886 Belize Dollars per USD in August 2012 and a maximum of 2.0198 Belize Dollars per USD in March 2013. The most recent available data point is 2.0135 Belize Dollars per USD, a change of -0.15% from the previous data point of 2.0165 Belize Dollars per USD and a change of -0.06% from a year ago when the level was 2.0147 Belize Dollars per USD.

Currency values in Belize and elsewhere have different driving forces over the short-run and the long-run. Countries may have fixed or floating exchange rate regimes or be part of monetary unions. They may experience currency crises. These and other issues are discussed in detail on our Exchange rate page.
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Recent values chart
Belize - USD exchange rate - recent values

Historical chart
Belize - USD exchange rate - historical chart - 2004-2024
Measure: Belize Dollars per USD
Source: Google Finance

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Definition: The amount of local currency units that can be exchanged for one USD. An increase (decrease) means USD appreciation (depreciation). The values are monthly averages of the daily exchange rates provided by Google Finance.

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